KELLY BROWN: Remembering what it was like to relax...

Relaxing in the garden post-children is never the same as it was before the little monkeys arrived.

Those days of just sitting quietly, reading a book or pretty much just falling asleep underneath a gently swaying parasol become a distant memory lurking somewhere in the back of your sleep-deprived brain.

Instead you become some kind of play supervisor for your children while they enjoy the garden - bringing their snacks, participating in their games and generally making sure the fun does not breach some kind of health and safety code.

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But at the weekend I was actually able to sit down in the sunshine, relax and read a little bit of my book while my children played happily together.

After a few games of badminton, water pistols and catch with my two, they decided to occupy themselves with the sandpit and water table - meaning my services were no longer required.

They were quite happily turning my patio into some kind of beach scene and I was happy to sit and just watch them playing together - with no arguments!

Eventually I thought I might push my luck and go and grab a sneaky cuppa, while my children were still happily playing together.

Then I thought I would push the boat out and grab my book thinking I might get a page or two in. But to my surprise - I mean shock - I was actually able to read a few chapters without any drama.

They were lost in their own world together. And, apart from my stopping to watch them and praising their beautifully-crafted sand sculptures, they really were not wanting my attention at all. It was lovely to just all be together but actually relax for a change instead of simply partaking in the hustle and bustle of life.

Of course I would not to be just a spectator to my children’s fun every day, but it nice for just that short window of time to slow down, watch them play and sneak in a tiny bit of me time!

Who know that was possible?

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