Lockdown haircuts - a milestone I was dreading! | Kelly Brown

It is one of the lockdown milestones I was dreading but I think I managed to avoid disaster as I tackled the first Lockdown 3.0 haircut in our house.

Have you had to do a lockdown hair cut yet?   Picture by Shutterstock
Have you had to do a lockdown hair cut yet? Picture by Shutterstock

The weekend saw me dust off the clippers and tackle my son’s hair in a job I could put off no longer.

His hair was already on the long side before lockdown as he was due for his post-Christmas trim just before schools went back.

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Needless to say, while I know some people rushed to the barbers and hairdressers in the final hours before they were forced to close their doors, I was not one of them.

It was a life choice I started to regret at the weekend as I sat my boy in front of the TV (to keep his head still!) and lined up clippers (bought during the first lockdown), comb and some vaguely suitable scissors.

Cutting my daughter’s long hair is a breeze but cutting my boy’s hair is a pain, especially when he wants to retain the same kind of style and not have me completely bodge it.

Now I can watch all the YouTube videos in the world but I’m never going to be able to do it as well, or anywhere near as quick, as he is used to.

As I was trimming hair from across the top, and desperately trying to make it even, I began to wonder if it was maybe a job I could have put off for another week.

As with everything, the experts make it look so easy with their sectioning and trimming techniques which look easy to follow in theory but are dangerous easy to get wrong in practice.

But the result was one I am half proud of with not a random piece of hair in sight or a chunk (or top of his ear!) missing.

Of course my boy did end his thank you with “Mum, I do prefer it when the barber does my hair”.

Well do you know what son, so do I! The sooner a professional can take over the better.