NHS invites you to join the Big Health and Care Conversation

Do you want to get involved in the future of NHS services? Do you have ideas about how health and care services can be further improved? We want to hear from you!

This week the local NHS is launching the Big Health and Care Conversation – and we want as many people to join in conversation with us as possible.

The challenges facing the NHS are often talked about – increasing demand and restricted budgets – but what is being done, and how can everyone work with us?

The Big Health and Care Conversation is an opportunity for everyone to find out more about plans to change the way services work together, improve care and ensure that people can continue to receive high quality affordable care for years to come.

The Big Health and Care Conversation is your chance to have a say

It is also your chance to have your say, make suggestions, and work with the local NHS and organisations that provide care.


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Over the coming weeks, there will be a range of ways to get involved – and this week it starts with an invitation to three key events.

Come and meet with health and care professionals, talk about local priorities, and share your ideas about how improvements could be made.

You don’t have to know anything about the NHS to come along; you don’t have to be involved in services or have any experience – if you have a passion for health and care services, want to make sure high quality services can continue for you, your family and your community, we want you to join us.

The events are taking place on:

• Wednesday, September 12, from 2pm to 4pm in Billingshurst.

• Tuesday, October 30, from 10am to 12pm in Chichester.

• Thursday, November 8, from 5pm to 7pm in Worthing.

At the events there will be a range of discussions to get involved in, ask your questions, share your ideas, and join the conversation.

You can find out more about the events, and book your place, on our website: www.coastalwestsussexccg.nhs.uk

Some of the areas for discussion are access to GP services, how we support those members of our community who are frail and need more help; making best use of medicines, and making sure mental health is considered equally with physical health.

There will also be an opportunity to hear more about, and discuss the work of, the regional sustainability and transformation partnership – a partnership of 24 health and care organisations across Sussex and East Surrey who are all working together to improve services at a regional and local level.

We really hope that people will join with us for these events and join in the conversation so together we make sure people across Coastal West Sussex can receive the help and care they need, and are supported to live healthy lives, now and for many years to come.

Find out more on our website www.coastalwestsussexccg.nhs.uk and ask any questions about the Big Health and Care Conversation. You can also email [email protected] or call 01903 708400.


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