No excuse for irresponsible fireworks prank

WHETHER or not you agree with the idea of trick or treating at Hallowe'en, Bexhill mum Joanne Beazer's experience with fireworks pranksters should never have happened.

A bit of fun for her seven-year-old son - a pumpkin outside the family front doorstep - should have remained just that.

For a group of youths to place a lit firework inside the pumpkin and blow it up was disgraceful.

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The incident has infuriated the mother and seriously upset the boy, and even though the fascia of the house was damaged the sad fact is it could have been much, much worse.

Fortunately there were no injuries, neither to the family from the exploding pumpkin itself nor when the mother took off in her car to give the youths a piece of her mind - only to have another firework thrown at her.

Also the youths risked injury themselves with such serious misuse of fireworks.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has been campaigning for decades at this time of the year to try to make people aware of the horrific burns injuries which can be caused by this sort of horseplay - to both the fireworks misuser and others.

The youths in question should have a long, hard think about the potential consequences of their actions - and hang their heads in shame.

Because this time round, having “nothing to do” is no excuse.