On Your Marks: Fellow cricketer 'Bazza' is taking up a similar challenge

Part of the joy of taking up this challenge of a half marathon is seeing how many people do similar events.

Liam Barrett
Liam Barrett

I know a fair few people who have done marathons but my awareness has been broadened and it seems I know more people who do runs and events for charity than don’t!

And this week I noticed fellow cricketer Liam Barrett was doing the Brighton Half Marathon at the end of February.

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So I decided to catch up with Bazza, as he he is affectionally known, to see why he took up the challenge.

The 29-year-old groundswork foreman/supervisor, said: “I decided to do the Brighton Half Marathon while sat in a digger at work listening to Heart Radio who mentioned the race, and I texted in not thinking anything of it.

“They phoned me up asking me to be a part of team Heart.”

Liam is taking up this event while also getting ready to marry fiancee Samantha.

He said: “With my wedding coming up in May, I thought it would be a good idea to get fit and lose some weight at the same time.”

He added: “I have never done anything like this before and think it will be a good experience.

“I am finding, training is tough but key for an event like this.”

Liam, who moved down to Crawley from Halifax five years ago, said: “ I started training in November even though I hadn’t signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon at this time.

“A few of the lads back up home are into their running and do ultra marathons and things so I have been asking them for little bits of advice - even though they think I am taking the mick and don’t believe me that I am actually running it!

“I really struggled with the first few weeks of training and really didn’t enjoy it.

“But I am quite lucky that I have always been naturally quite fit, even though my physique says otherwise.

“But now I am up to the 11 mile mark in training I feel comfortable and enjoy the training.”

So is this the start of many a marathon for Bazza?

He said: “I am not sure if it is a one off or I will look at other things.

“It depends how motivated I can keep myself without having a race to work towards.”

Liam is raising money for Global, a charity which helps deprived children and families less fortunate.