School’s out for summer - and this year it could not have come quick enough | Kelly Brown

I can’t have been the only parent desperately hoping over the last week that any message which came to my phone was not the school.

Our columnists is looking forward to enjoying the summer holidays and some days out
Our columnists is looking forward to enjoying the summer holidays and some days out

With the ‘great pingdemic’ going on, the last thing I wanted was for the start of the summer holidays to be dashed at the last hurdle because one of my children had to isolate.

But like a long and hot marathon we have made it to the end and I could not be more delighted.

Except of course that for me this year that sense of relief is also mixed with other emotions as my boy finishes primary school and moves up to secondary school.

‘Your little boy is growing up mum’ he told me gleefully this week as I tried not to dwell on the fact that my little man is right - he is. I’m still not sure I’m ready for it!

His amazing school put together a fantastic few weeks of fun for the leavers including a trip to Paultons Park which he could not have been more excited about or enjoyed more.

But like so many things, us parents have not been able to share their experience and go along to cheer them on at their end of year sporting event or sob in the corner of the hall as they sing their overly emotional ‘leavers’ song’ at their farewell assembly. (Actually maybe that one is a good thing!)

So this week I turned back the clock and walked him to school instead of letting him walk on his own so that I can soak up those last precious memories of my little man’s primary school journey before he most definitely becomes too cool to hang out with his mum.

Yep, I’m absolutely still not ready for him to grow up...