Sussex PCC's video log: Top ten tips for keeping safe from fraudsters

"In the UK, our population is ageing; the proportion of those aged over 65 has never been greater.

Sussex PCC Katy Bourne
Sussex PCC Katy Bourne

“As people live longer, they may also become increasingly vulnerable, particularly to fraud. We know that criminal gangs are deliberately targeting our older residents because they may have substantial savings and can be more trusting.

“We’re seeing reporting rise as more and more people understand that scams are fraud and fraud is a crime. On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day it’s more important than ever to repeat the message that fraud of our elderly is not acceptable – and that criminals won’t get away with exploiting our parents and grandparents.”

“Members of my unique Elders’ Commission carried out a ‘Big Conversation’ when it was first established two years ago and they found that nuisance calls and scams was the number one crime concern for older people in Sussex.

“In response to those results, and to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day they have now produced their top ten tips for staying safe from fraudsters. While they may have put them together with older residents in mind these tips are relevant for people of all ages, so I would urge everyone to take a couple of moments to watch and digest them.”