Switch off and stay fit by going for a run | Vicky Meets

Vicky meets... painters and runners Dave and Aaron Dean.

• When did you start running?

Dave: I played football up until the age of 42 and then I got too old for it – the legs just didn’t cover the ground and I started getting cramp. But what really got me running was working in a customer’s house. He had just retired at 65 and was just sitting in a chair – his belly was huge. I didn’t want to get to that age and not be able to get out of a chair. So I started running. Now I run three times a week, whatever the weather; either with Aaron and his mate Grant, with my other son Martin, or on my own.

Aaron: I started running towards the end of school life in 2014 to raise money for a world challenge school trip to Tanzania to help kids out there. After that I just kept running.

Dave and Aaron Dean

• You have raised money for charities including Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice in the past. Do you still run for charity?

Dave: We started running for Chestnut Tree House when we were members of a gym that supported the charity and we decided to carry on. They do amazing work. One of our customers has a daughter who works there too.

• So you are on your feet all day painting and then you go running?

Dave: I feel that it’s our release. An hour of getting out and doing something we enjoy. There’s nobody phoning you up or sending emails about work. It’s my time.

Aaron: It’s a really good way to switch off and stay fit, physically and mentally. I have just done the Great South Run and my next one will be the Silverstone Half Marathon.

• What is a typical day for you?

Dave: We work 8am-5pm and then go home, get changed and go straight out. I try to watch what I eat because when you’re painting people often give you biscuits and cake! We are always active – up and down ladders and scaffolding in the day, then running at night. We have a winter route and a summer route. In the summer, when it’s lighter, we like to run along the beach.

• What advice would you offer to anyone starting to run as a regular activity?

Aaron: Warm up before you start running and do a cool down after. Build up slowly. There’s no such thing as can’t run; do it slowly and get your breathing and pace sorted. And good hydration before and after you run.

Dave: And get proper running shoes. They support your ankles and the technology means you can get a pair of shoes that are perfect for your feet.

• Did you run much over Christmas?

If anything we ran more over Christmas because of the way the dates fell.

• Where can we find more information?

To support Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice visit www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk. For painting enquiries, call 07775 671365.