TECHNOLOGY: Why is there a separate app for Facebook Messenger?

The Facebook messenger stand-alone app has been around now for just under a year.

Facebook, in August 2014, made it mandatory to use the messenger app for sending private messages to friends.

Most of you will have installed the app, and are using it frequently, but have you ever asked why this was created? It is actually to the benefit of users.

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The app provides messages much faster, and enables many more features to be added to the messaging experience.

Some of the features include group conversations, inviting several people to be involved in the same message and naming the group for ease of communication.

You can also record video clips, audio clips and take photos directly in the app, rather than having to leave the app and upload them from your camera.

You also have more options for smiley faces and emoticons, and you can adjust your availability depending on how busy you are.

So overall, the Facebook messenger app is useful and keeps messages separate from your Facebook profile with ease of access for use as a quick messenger feature.

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