Teens aren't all bad: here's why....

It seems, more and more recently, that teens-even people as '˜old' as myself (ha, ha!)-are getting a bad reputation. It's a bit of lazy stereotype, and unfair at best. Whilst researching before starting to write this, I googled 'Haywards Heath Teens', just out of curiosity. Piece after piece cropped up, of X, Y and Z having been arrested for all sorts of charges-ranging from Manslaughter to Assault. We aren't all like that. The majority seem to me like really good people. (I would also like it to be noted that this took an age, due to what I was looking for being buried under results of arrests and worse.)

Hammerdown Festival.

(I was a bit upset to have missed this!) It was a Rock and Metal festival, aimed at saving a town hall from re-development. And put together by teens… That’s not something that we’d be expected to do. And to support something locally; well, it seemed like a bold but brilliant move to me. Largely, it was teen volunteers who put it together. And I think that absolutely admirable.

Autistic fashion designer.

Issac Raymond, is a teen fashion designer with Autism. His clothing is a pleasure to the eye; he has also been featured at several charitable shows. He was also invited to Imperial College, London, as a Keynote Speaker. Now, as a teen, I think that incredible.

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If you’re reading this, I’d like you to add more to this list I’ve started. Teens aren’t so bad. And I would really like to prove this.

On a last note: since two months ago, I’ve adopted this saying: “Don’t ask, you don’t get”. I was lucky enough to meet Anastacia at a concert, and asked for an interview. (After all, who wouldn’t want to ask all sorts of nosey questions to their favourite singer?) You can read it here: https://mademoisellewomen.wordpress.com/2016/08/22/interview-with-anastacia/ She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met-and I feel very privileged to have chatted to her.

Currently I’m reading: The Girl On The Train. (And looking forward to the upcoming film!) And listening to: A Kind Of Magic by Queen. (As I write this, it has been exactly thirty years since Highlander, the film with Sean Connery and Chris Lambert, was released, featuring music from the album.)

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