The garage sale bringing Chichester’s Parklands community together | Vicky Meets

Vicky meets... Dawn White, from the Great Parklands Garage Sale, Chichester.

• The Garage Sale has been running for a few years now. When is this year’s event?

This year’s sale is on Saturday, August 21, from 11am-3pm. Taking place in Sherborne Road and in the surrounding roads, right across the Parklands estate, people set up tables and sell all sorts of things including plants, bric-a-brac, clothes, toys and crafts. Everyone is welcome and there will be refreshments at the Scout Hut. All we ask is that people follow Government guidance for Covid-19 and that they park sensibly and respectfully. Last year it was amazing because people were so desperate for something to do! Everyone complied with hand sanitising and, being outside, it was perfect.

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• How is it organised?

Dawn White and Dave the rescue dog

It is one of several events that is put on by the Parklands Residents Association. We’re a team of volunteers, but nobody is expected to do more than they have time for. Everyone that participates in the sale pays a small fee, which helps to pay for the free events we organise across the year, including the Hallowe’en party and the Easter Egg hunt. On the day of the sale visitors will have access to the Parklands Residents Association website where they will find a map of all the properties taking part. There will be paper copies available on the day too.

• Are there other benefits of the Great Parklands Garage Sale?

Yes. As well as giving people a chance to earn a few pounds, it also gives residents the chance to de-clutter. It is a lovely social occasion, too. You might not know your neighbours four doors away, but if you are both involved in the sale then by the end of the day you’ve made friends; it brings people together. It’s also a great way of making sure that things get recycled rather than taken to the tip. During lockdown people have had time to clear out attics and cupboards, so hopefully there will be lots of goodies for sale!

• Is there a strong sense of community in Parklands?

There really is. I’m from up North, but the friendliness and the way people look out for one another here is just the same. We have a Facebook page that people communicate through. Jigsaws get swapped, people ask for recommendations and it’s a great way to warn people of any unwelcome visitors that might be knocking on doors locally. During Covid people were especially kind. Anyone who needed help with things like shopping or prescription collections only had to ask on the Facebook group and someone volunteered. We also have fantastic support from all the shops and businesses on the parade, as well as from both churches and the Scouts. Honestly, we couldn’t ask for better. I always think it’s like the Village of Parklands. We’ve got a lovely ‘village green’ and people really do look out for each other.

• Where can people access the map on the day?

On the website –