Vicky meets… Eddie Teddy

Teddy bear on the canal (Chichester Fringe Festival)Teddy bear on the canal (Chichester Fringe Festival)
Teddy bear on the canal (Chichester Fringe Festival)
Vicky meets… Eddie Teddy

I gather that you are involved in a special trip on Chichester Canal soon. Will you tell us more?

Gosh, yes! Only too pleased to chat about it – I am so excited! Part of the Chichester Fringe Festival, on the afternoon of Sunday 2 June there will be two special Teddy Bear boat trips from the Canal Basin.

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Jump aboard and go on a bear hunt to find ME! And when I’m ‘found’ we’ll have some jolly japes and a teddy playtime.

I hope there will be some singing as I do love a good sing-song! Then, on the return trip, there will be bear-related activities and fun for all. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

What made you want to be involved in this event?

I’m a great patron of the arts and a great supporter of the Fringe Festival. It’s so exciting to see and support brand new and emerging talent.

Those awfully nice people who run the Festival wanted to do something for children and families and they asked me if I would be willing to be part of this special event.

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I said ‘yes’ faster than my chum Winnie the Pooh can empty a honey pot!

The Chichester Ship Canal Trust also does wonderful work taking care of this special part of Chichester’s heritage, so lending a paw to them was also important to me.

The canal offers all sorts of activities; narrow boat trips, rowing, canoeing, rambling, fishing, and cycling. It’s also home to some amazing wildlife.

Can children bring their own teddies to say hello to you?

I would love that! In fact, I’ll give a prize to my favourite bear on each trip!

Why do you think people love teddy bears so much?

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We’re cuddly, fun and full of character. Did you know that teddy bears first became popular in Britain at the start of 1900s?

Most teddies came from companies in Germany, but during the two World Wars, British companies started to manufacture bears.

Some of the most famous bears are British – Winnie, Paddington and Sooty to name just three!

Can you give us any more fascinating teddy facts?

I most certainly can! So, firstly, teddy bears were named after the President Theodore Roosevelt.

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He refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip (quite right too) and so bears became synonymous with Theodore – or ‘Teddy’ as he was known.

Then there was a bear called Magellan T. Bear who went into space on the Space Shuttle Discovery mission of 1955.

Apart from enjoying the canal, how do you relax?

There’s nothing like a good book. I’m also quite partial to picnics.

I love live theatre, especially musicals.

My favourites are Into the Woods, Bears & Dolls and The Furry of the Opera.

How can we book for the Teddy Trips?

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Just hop on to the Fringe website:

And if we fancy volunteering for the Canal Trust?

To find out more about volunteering for Chichester Ship Canal Trust email [email protected]