Wishing there was a magic wand (or a cleaner) to tackle the housework | Kelly Brown

Housework ... one of the most boring jobs on the planet and one I will happily put off for as long as humanly possible.

Not everyone enjoys housework. Picture by Shutterstock
Not everyone enjoys housework. Picture by Shutterstock

But, like many things, the longer you leave it the worse it gets. And as I jivvy myself up to tackle my abode, I’m wishing there was a magic wand to tidy everything away.

I know some people love the sense of satisfaction of housework. I’m just not one of those people!

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For me it is one of those never ending battles in life which I have to face with a total lack of enthusiasm. There are so many things I would rather be doing.

The dream would be to live like one of those characters from Downton Abbey who have people running around after them and every room always looking spotless as things are immediately put away.

Instead I’m staring at a kitchen side filled with breakfast debris which my small people have ‘helpfully’ left behind, dishes which need to be done and a never-ending basket of washing.

On top of that I appear to have a table full of complete clutter which seems to have magically grown overnight.

I have no idea why craft scissors, hairbands and a random assortment of toys seem to have found themselves there instead of being put away? (Where are those cleaners when you need them!)

And most annoyingly I have no idea why my small people have developed a habit of failing to close the food cupboards after taking something out - the excuse being they ‘forgot’. Sigh.

It is just as annoying as clothes being left on the floor instead of being put in the washing basket, or toilet rolls being left empty on the holder. I suppose I’ll sort that will I?

They have to help me with chores each week which they don’t mind as it earns them a bit of pocket money.

I just wish I had a Mary Poppins-type power to get the rest done as that Downton Abbey lifestyle is certainly not forthcoming.