Create own identity

I WAS most amused to read that "Worthing venues are not big enough to attract major stars".

When I visit the Pavilion Theatre (apart from the panto), it is always half empty. Maybe we need smaller venues instead.

The facts are that all major performers would rather go to Brighton.

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Worthing will always be the poor relation.

Therefore, we need to create our own identity.

Let us create more seafront activities.

We do need to separate them carefully.

The chance of accidents will increase unless we define areas more.

More people walk than perform any other activity.

This must be the main consideration and the safety of children is paramount.

Most people are very considerate but the odd few need to be more careful.

It would seem that money is to be wasted on the copper roof of the swimming pool.

Has anyone noticed that there are large-scale thefts of copper at present?

It is not too late to rethink the design and size and the placing of the pool.

More essentially, the paddling pool (free) needs to be retained.

Why will the site of the present pool be sold for housing (luxury) or another underused hotel?

The site should be returned to open use.

Unfortunately, profit will prevail.

One idea for money saving is to abandon the ridiculous sweeper lorries.

They are totally inefficient due to the car parking in Worthing.

Save money and axe them.


Meadow Road


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