Crossing should be timed better

I HAVE lived in Worthing for 60 years and the West Worthing gates have been the subject of discussion for almost as long.

Whilst I would never condone the quite absurd action of the idiot in the film clip (go to the Herald website to view), we need to consider why they did it.

This crossing is poorly managed by whoever is responsible for raising and lowering the barriers.

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I have had to stop there many times and as a way of passing the time, I often use my watch to see how long it is between trains.

The record to date is five minutes 25 seconds. Can anybody please tell me why the barriers are not opened and closed when there is such a long break?

Also, my longest-ever wait in total has been 12 minutes 10 seconds whilst four trains went through.

When I get stopped there, I know I could be in for a long wait. I curse my luck and wonder why I did not take the long way round.

If the crossing was managed more efficiently, then, hopefully, the dangerous manoeuvres would be greatly reduced, but certainly local residents would feel better served.

Terry Burstow

St Andrew's Road


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