Current screenings

I really was hoping we could now have information about the current screenings at The Picturedrome, Bognor Regis and Cineworld, Chichester.

I enquired about this a year or so ago and was told I should ask the cinemas why they do not advertise.

When I did this, they said the Observer charged too much and always got it wrong!

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I and many of my friends would patronise the cinemas much more if we knew what was showing.

We do not all have access to computers to look online and we do not all want the hassle of travelling to the nearest point where it is advertised in shop windows or the Tourist Information Office.

When I read in the new edition the Guide would bring us the best entertainment from around the area, I cannot believe that something so basic as telling us what is on at the cinema should have been omitted.

We are constantly being asked to support the Picturedrome at Bognor Regis, but this is very difficult when we do not even know what is on.

I am sure the Observer could make a concerted effort to ‘get things right’ and maybe a little reduction in the cost of advertising for the cinemas could be arranged.

While I enjoy reading other content in the Observer, I do not think I will so regularly pay 75p for a paper that is so uninformative.

Please try to rectify this situation.

Delia Shuckburgh

Bognor Regis