Danny Dyer might have hit the nail on the head about Brexit

How did it come to this? Bizarrely, EastEnders' Danny Dyer possibly hit the nail on the head back in June when he questioned on live television: 'Where is David Cameron?'

Dyer went on to say the former Prime Minister had instigated the Brexit referendum and then when he didn’t get the result he wanted, bolted and ended up ‘with his trotters up in the South of France’.

As a nation what are we left with? In the most important move this country has made in years, the responsibility is left with a person who no longer has the support of influential members of her party.

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The national press has even reported that some 50 Tory MPs met to discuss ousting her.

David Cameron on a visit to the West Sussex County Times office in Horsham

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Brexit has polarised the country. But do any of us have the stomach for yet another referendum, which many are asking for, to clarify the result?

Whatever colour rosette they wear, will the history of the 21st century record that the politicians collectively short-changed the people of this country over the European Union?

The ‘remainers’ painted a doomsday scenario in the wake of leaving the EU, and the Brexiteers made wild promises about an extra £350million going to the NHS weekly.

Ian Hart

If a retailer had made a claim along those lines, they’d be up in front of trading standards.

Since I first voted in May 1983, every main party has received my vote at some point.

I don’t vote on party colours; I vote on issues and, in the case of our local MPs, because of how they represent the electorate, not just the Tory voters.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I voted to remain, partly because of the spin being put out by the Brexit mob, but also because, while I didn’t think he was perfect by any means, I believed David Cameron was the best man to lead the country at that time.

Have I been proved right? Unfortunately, I think so.

Whether Mrs May, or the next person lined up for Number 10, can turn it round and get the correct deal for the nation, remains to be seen.

But which ever side you’re on, I think it’s a catastrophic mess – of the politicians’, on all sides, making.


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