DAWN GRACIE: Burlesque students all set to perform at Earls Court

EVERY now and then, an opportunity comes along which seems almost too good to be true.

At the time of writing this, I’m planning an outfit to dazzle and some songs to enchant.

On Thursday, November 14, I will be on my way to the big smoke and preparing my burlesque showcase students for a performance at Earls Court.

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Following their debut performance at the Starlet’s Cabaret in September, my group of ladies have been riding high on the thrill of having performed in front of more than 150 people, so to be jumping out of their comfort zones even further at Earls Court is astonishing.

I adore my work as a burlesque instructor because the results are so magical.

Most ladies come to their first class, just hoping for a little fitness fun, but it goes deeper than that when I see transformations before my eyes and see ladies develop, explore and confront their body confidence issues.

So how did we get a gig at Earls Court? The immense power of Facebook referrals, that’s how.

We will be opening the What’s on 4 Me award ceremony which is taking place during the Ideal Home Exhibition at Christmas show and of course photos will be on Facebook.

Visit www.facebook.com/DawnsVintageDo to see how we got on.