Disgusting mess is blighting the Downs

AFTER reading all the letters in the Herald about dogs' muck everywhere, I feel that I need to express my view on this matter as well.

Having just acquired a puppy, which is now old enough to go out for walks, I decided to go out with my mother, who is partially sighted. We went to the bottom of the Downs near Cissbury in Findon Valley.

To say I became disgusted is an understatement. I have never seen so much dogs' mess.

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Is it such a problem for dog owners to carry some tissue and a poo bag, pick up their dog's toilet and take it away with them? I don't suppose they leave it lying around in their own gardens, or maybe they do? It is totally irresponsible and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I feel sorry for people who have children. They can't possibly let them run around the Downs if they are littered with all this mess. The Downs are supposed to be an area of outstanding beauty. What a joke.

Puppy and Mum both came home with dogs' mess on shoes and paws. We will never walk there again.

Something must be done to keep these areas from this mess so that everyone can enjoy these walks. So please pick it up and take it away. It's not difficult!

Miss C. Watson

dog owner


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