Disregard scaremongering

In his reference to Mr Abbott's reasonable and polite description of the EU as an unaccountable dictatorship (Express August 31), Mr Rider (Express September 7) provides us with an example of a personal and vindictive attack regurgitating Remainer's scaremongering.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 1:09 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 2:13 pm

We’ve heard it all before but the doom and gloom prophesies of so called experts has failed to materialise in the past and is likely not to materialise in the future. So we can disregard the scaremongering as

fiction rather than fact. Mr Rider talks about so many benefits of a partnership with the countries of Europe and Brexiteers too would wish to preserve many of them. However, Mr Rider and Remainers generally must understand the difference between the EU and Europe and what it is Brexiteers want to leave. This is the point Mr Abbott rightly made. It is the EU, an unaccountable political dictatorship founded through deceit of the people by politicians of dubious pedigree, we are leaving. Europe is great and there’s nothing Brexiteers would like more than a free trade deal

with each of the 27 but not at the expense of surrendering our democracy. Please could

Remainers at least understand that the EU is the problem….not Europe. Most Brexiteers would be

happy to revert to EFTA ++, the pluses being cooperation between sovereign countries over issues on which they wish to cooperate.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham

Chyngton Way, Seaford