Don't panic, jobs are out there

I AM writing in response to your article, "'Bleak' future as insurance jobs are axed" (Worthing Herald, March 12), and in particular regard to the comments you've cited from one of the office's employees.

I am also employed by Norwich Union and have been for more than seven years.

When, nine months ago, we were advised that The Warren site was due to close, and that our jobs were to be relocated to Scotland, it did come as a bit of a shock.

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While communication could have been better, we were quickly advised that the work would be transferred first by the end of 2009, then by September of that year.

Staff did raise the issue of communication, and, to try to accommodate their worries, over the last few weeks senior management have been providing us with new information as and when they were aware of it themselves.

While I can understand that your source is daunted by the thought of unemployment, his belief that finding a new role in insurance locally will be difficult is simply not tenable.

I know of at least a dozen former members of staff '“ of all ages and home situations '“ who have managed to find similar employ in the local area.

Although we are not in the easiest of economic times, it does not, at the moment, appear to be impossible to obtain a similar job in the insurance or financial sector and, if anything, leaving the company sooner, rather than later, may actually benefit people in finding other employment as they will find themselves on the job market before that market collapses any further.

I am not a high-level employee of Norwich Union, I do not work for HR and, as with the majority of other staff members, my redundancy will not affect the ongoing machinations of this large insurance company.

Richard Cooper-Knight

Bramley Road


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