EU is a political construct

Mr Rider (Express September 7) refers to those wishing to leave the EU as having a morbid obsession with the past whilst going on to describe in some detail that the past is very relevant to his own life experiences and those of his family.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 3:55 pm
Updated Saturday, 22nd September 2018, 6:20 am

Mr Rider must understand that Europe is a geographical area of 44 countries while the EU is an institution of 28. These two are quite clearly not the same; Europe consists of people who have all the natural human gamut of emotions, loves, lives, family, aspirations, needs and wants, differing cultures, histories, arts, colours, smells, sights, languages, foods, mountains, plains, fields, rivers, rain, snow, fog, mist, sunshine and rainbows whilst the EU is a political construct.

Like Mr Rider, I too am of course pleased that there have been no wars in the EU since WW2. 

But tell that to the families of the Kosovans where NATO had to go in and clean up the mess created by the un-elected bureaucrats whilst they claimed to have been instrumental in keeping peace since WW2.

As the institution now called the EU didn’t exist until the Maastricht treaty of 1993, we must be thankful to NATO and not the EU for keeping the peace in Europe since WW2.

As Mr Rider says, wars have their origin in half truths and false assertions. I’d go further and say that this was also an accurate summary of the Remain / Project.

Fear assertions of doom, lost jobs, collapsing economy and Armageddon.

Paul Abbott’

Heighton Road