‘If we ignore the coronavirus lockdown we will prolong isolation so many are enduring’

Letter from: Patricia Alexander, Newtimber Gardens, Shoreham

Social distancing markers have been introduced on Worthing seafront
Social distancing markers have been introduced on Worthing seafront

It is without doubt that the lockdown is extremely challenging and potentially damaging to our mental health.

However, what greatly distresses and angers me is observing some people seemingly deciding to ignore the lockdown by not following the ‘rules’ of social distancing.

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Although comments have been critical of the changes to the new lockdown message – and it has been poorly delivered and inconsistent – I see nothing confusing about the existing rule of keeping a social distance of at least two metres from anybody and in addition being able to meet just one person from a separate household in the open air.

If people do not adhere to the continuation of the new lockdown advice and choose to follow their own personal wishes and behaviour, we are in danger of a second wave of infections and fatalities, which will inevitably lead to an extension and tightening of the lockdown restrictions.

I would desperately love to see my three-year-old granddaughter, but I also do not want to be responsible for more illness, deaths and continued stress on the NHS.

By ignoring the lockdown we will prolong the isolation that so many people are enduring. Please be thoughtful and unselfish. Don’t think you are immune from infection. You are not.