Keep bikes on prom

I AM writing in response to the proposal to allow bikes all along the prom in Bognor Regis as detailed in the Observer. I support it totally.

I would like to ask the people that request all cyclists go on the road the following question: would they rather children of five years of age (such as my son) cycle on the busy main road alongside buses, trucks and cars or on the prom away from the traffic? What is safer for them – cycling inches away to all manner 
of vehicles or cruising slowly along the prom on a big wide open space? It is simply not safe to let young children ride on a busy road in this day and age.

If we are to encourage fitness and work against obesity in this country why is it so difficult to actually get around safely on two wheels?

All you need is a sign that says something along the lines of ‘Slow – pedestrians have priority here’. I have seen numerous people cycle along the prom with children and most have slowed right down when there are people about, especially on busy areas like past the pier or the lobster pot and speed up a little when it is quieter. We are not asking for a race track – just freedom to safely cycle with our children.

A painted line to signify which area is safest for walking and which for cycling would also be helpful. Of course people are going to cross this at times but at least it raises awareness of the fact other people of different speeds may be coming along so people can be alert and look out for them whether a cyclist or a pedestrian.

To me the biggest hazard along the prom to walkers and cyclists alike are the dogs which are not on leads – they not only run around and up to children, scaring them by jumping up with their muddy/sandy paws, but leave deposits for children/adults to tread in.

How would a dog-owner like one of our children to run up to them and put their chocolatey hands all up their legs and try to lick them? Anyway, I digress...

A lot of the rest of Europe 
share pathways with both pedestrians and cyclists, roller-skaters, scooters, skateboarders, seafront trains, etc – it’s all about enjoying the coastal paths and families getting out together for safe recreational activity.

We have this fantastic open space – let’s use it and share it.

Mrs Williams