KELLY BROWN Mum's The Word...Motherhood has turned me into a fashion victim for the second time!

I didn't think it was possible but I have even fewer clothes I can wear than I did while pregnant.

My maternity clothes hang off me and leave me looking like a little girl trying on her mum’s wardrobe.

But my ‘normal’ clothes are unflatteringly tight and make me look like a slimmer in denial.

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Now, I’ve never been one for clothes shopping so my modest collection fills a small chest of drawers and a small wardrobe.

Like everyone, I have an assortment of tops and other items which I have not worn since I exchanged a social life for parenthood (or a mortgage!).

But I can’t bring myself to get rid of them for that ‘just in case’ occasion which will almost certainly never come.

I also have the odd item of holiday clothes which I will probably never wear again because the next time I’m going to be able to afford to go abroad my little baby will have left school.

And again it falls into that ‘just in case’ category because you never know, my Lottery numbers just might come up!

So I’m left with a choice of wearing a mini tent of a top coupled with trousers which need to be held up with a belt, or washing and wearing the same top/jeans/skirt I wore a few days earlier.

Not only have I got the size issue to address but I also need to wear clothes which allow me to feed my gorgeous baby girl with ease – and without looking like I’m auditioning for a lads’ magazine.

I think if I add it all together I have about five tops, a jumper and two cardigans which make up my current outfits, all of which were bought before I was pregnant the first time around.

Fashion? Not a chance!

Still there is not much point in going shopping as with this changeable weather I don’t know whether I need summer tops or a waterproof coat. And who knows what size I’m going to be in a couple of months’ time?

And let’s face it, every time I go to the clothes shop I’m going to come back with something 32 years too young for me.

I don’t think my little man’s clothes will fit me either!

** My multi-tasking skills are flourishing

How do you balance a baby in your arms, cook tea and wash a two-year-old’s hands at the same time?

With great difficulty – but I’m learning!

Now my little girl is awake for more portions of the day my new juggling act is gathering momentum as I learn to sort out two children while at the same time doing all that mundane stuff.

Now, how do I hang the washing out while doing jigsaws and changing nappies?