LETTER: A27 only part of the problem

Proposals for the community to get together following the recent consultations should be welcomed.

Divisions may well be healed by coming together but surely not by concentrating on one road.

The A27 is only part of Chichester’s transport problems.

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What about improving the rail service and making the bus more attractive in terms of both cost and reliability?

At the moment our rail services are expensive and unreliable and our bus station must be one of the most unattractive anywhere.

Fares into Chichester for those coming to work here are very high for those who earn just the minimum wage. No wonder people find it preferable to come by car.

The campaign called Build a Better A27 should be renamed ‘Build a better transport system for West Sussex’.

We can’t build our way out of traffic jams.

It’s a well known fact that new roads fill up as drivers find it easier to go further to work and the benefits are only short term.

According to the Observer report, in excess of £2.5million has been spent on failed consultations.

Let’s make sure future consultations take everyone and all methods of moving people and goods into account so that more money is not wasted on exercises limited to speeding traffic past our city with no thoughts about consequent air and noise pollution and no consideration at all of the effects of road building on climate change.

Stephanie Carn

Whyke Road