LETTER: Abandon turbines

I hope the Express Comment on February 5 was '˜tongue in cheek'.

Friday, 26th February 2016, 1:00 pm

With reference to the Glyndbourne wind turbine and the Rampion wind farm, not only was the Express implying that such wind turbines are a cost effective efficient means of producing electricity but also that future generations would find them a thing of beauty worthy of conservation!

In reality wind turbines with their huge construction carbon footprint, whether on shore or off shore, are unreliable, visually polluting and in 25 years’ time through concrete rubble and chemical deterioration probably not without medical adverse effects, ironically therefore being detrimental to sensibly managed green objectives.

And yet the enormous subsidies and planning consents continue – all in the name of fighting climate change. It beggars belief.

If we ignore those politicians and industrialists who clearly should be ignored because of their vested interests, and listen to the few experts who actually do know, you find that “yes” there is climate change going on now just as it always has.

But you also find that the jury is still out as to whether man significantly influences the climate. It seems to me that humankind would have a small and probably insignificant effect and therefore it would be common sense to introduce precautionary steps.

As we move to non-fossil fuels the spin off, of course, should be less environmental pollution with the associated benefits to health and improved quality of life. Seems sensible doesn’t it?

Clearly wind turbines should be abandoned and substituted by heavily subsidised solar panels and no new builds should be approved without solar panels being included.

Long term solutions such as wave power using the Swansea Tidal Lagoon as a model could be evaluated by the EA, industry and council remembering that in addition to clean energy all kinds of added value would result.

In the meantime whether or not man-made climate change is fact or fiction should be properly evaluated once and for all by a truly independent group of experts who could then advise the rest of us accordingly.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman, UKIP Lewes