LETTER: Acute danger of traffic lights

I write to you with the utmost concern for the recently placed traffic lights on the Stockbridge roundabout on the A27 Chichester bypass.

There are two issues causing acute danger. The first is the traffic lights on each approach to the roundabout and the second is the location of the pedestrian crossing across EXIT of the roundabout on the eastbound carriageway of the A27.

On each approach to the roundabout there are lights and a sign telling drivers to wait when they are red. The lights turn green but traffic is unable to pull out because of traffic approaching from the right whose light has also turned green at the same time – this makes no sense... Some cars are not giving way to the right and when their light turns green, think they have right of way (understandably) and are pulling out without giving priority to the traffic already negotiating the roundabout.

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I had a near miss this morning as I exited Stockbridge Road (south) to take the third exit on to the A27 eastbound. A car pulled out of Stockbridge Road (north) in front of me and even though I had anticipated this, in trying to avoid colliding with him I failed to notice the pedestrian lights placed at the exit of the roundabout and almost ploughed in to a pedestrian crossing the road.

I have never, in 30 years of driving, ever seen such a dangerous set up. I live half a mile from the Stockbridge roundabout and use it several times a day to get where I need to go, even with the familiarity of the traffic light system and potential dangers, I had two near misses in the space of two or three seconds this morning. Drivers unfamiliar with the roundabout and its new arrangement are both in greater danger themselves and a greater danger to other drivers. Something absolutely must be done about it as soon as possible. I have emailed Highways England to express my concern.