LETTER: Better to leave the EU now than wait for the inevitable

John Harmer states that Putin will cheer if we leave the European Union, Observer letters 19th May. Where is the evidence that Putin has made any comment on the UK up-coming referendum?

Mr Harmer should also note that a retired New Zealand prime minister has stated that he hopes the UK will leave the EU, and Tony Abbott the former Prime Minister of Australia said, (and I do not have the exact wording to hand but it was along the lines of) “Control your borders or suffer the consequences.” The consequences of uncontrolled immigration can be gauged by the fact that in the month following their deportation of 2,000 refugees the crime rate in Norway fell by 72%!

That IMF’s euro fanatic, Christine Lagarde, together with Mark Carney, (the Governor of the Bank of England who is George Osborne’s puppet), and Barak Obama (US President), who all say we should Remain, surely confirms we should Leave.

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The assertion that EU members would stop trading with the UK upon our exit from EU membership has been rubbished by so many luminaries that all I can add is that most nations trade with each other, in a mutually satisfactory way, without a trade agreement. The rules governing trade are agreed under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation.

Could John Harmer please tell us how can it possibly be that staying in the EU is defending our national interests? Since 1996, when records began, Britain has objected to 55 new laws in the Council of Ministers – and we have been defeated all 55 times. British businesses that do not trade with the EU, are compelled to comply with the mountains of EU Directives. Many of these regulations harm small businesses that are the seed-corn of a nation’s wealth.

With regard to John Harmer’s belief that we will see a radically altered EU for the better within two years, it is more likely that the euro crisis, and uncontrolled immigration, will lead to the EU eventually collapsing in chaos. Better to leave now than wait for the inevitable.

John Harmer appears to believe Putin is not to be trusted and this may be due to the ongoing civil war in the Ukraine. The reason civil war erupted was not because of Mr Putin’s desire to restore the boundaries of the Soviet Union, but the ludicrously misguided ambition of the West to see Ukraine absorbed into the EU and Nato.

The EU propaganda machine ignores the fact that, in order to get Russian agreement to German re-unification, James Baker, the US Secretary of State, undertook, in a meeting in Moscow at which Jack Matlock the US Ambassador took notes, that Nato would not “leap frog an inch eastward” if Russia would allow the wall to come down. The invitation to Ukraine to join Nato, issued in Bucharest, broke that undertaking.

On February 2nd 2014, Henry Kissinger, in an interview with CNN, said; “I don’t know of any Russian, whether they are dissidents or pro-government, who does not consider Ukraine at least as an essential part of Russian history. So the Russians cannot be indifferent to the future of Ukraine.”

When 96 per cent of Crimeans democratically voted to join Russia, this was not, as Western politicians now tell us, because Mr Putin wanted to “annexe” their country. It was because the 82 per cent of them who speak Russian as their main language wanted to re-join a country Crimea had been part of since 1783.

At the same time, the democratically elected government of Ukraine was being toppled by mobs of demonstrators in the streets of Kiev, many of whom were being paid from Brussels funds to shout “Europe, Europe” at Baroness Ashton, as she urged them to sign that “association agreement” which was the last step but one to Ukraine becoming a full member state of the EU.

While clearly Putin is no saint, it was outrageous for David Cameron and Prince Charles to place him in the same league as Hitler. What they should have pointed out is that the EU has similar territorial ambitions as Hitler, and that was the root cause of the Ukrainian crisis.

Finally, note that In September 2007 EU spokesman, Katherina von Schnurbein, made it clear that the British Parliament can pass any law it likes but, as Ms Schnurbein puts it, these laws have no effect until they have been approved by the EU. Her statement makes perfectly clear and unambiguously the legal status of our national parliament.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegars Way