LETTER: Charities forced into conflict

So this is what it has come to: two wonderful groups of hospital volunteers '“ the Friends of Chichester Hospital and the WRVS '“ who each have done so much over the years to support the patients, staff and visitors at our hospital now forced into a situation of conflict by the actions of the Trustees who insist they '˜value our efforts'.

I can fully understand the disappointment and sadness of the WRVS cafe staff, which I’m sure led to the criticism in last week’s article of the Friends group, but their anger is aimed at the wrong people. No-one has tried harder to stop this appalling decision and relocation of the shop than the Friends volunteers.

Make no mistake – whatever statements are being issued by the Trustees and, more recently, by the co-ordinator of the Friends, I have yet to meet a single person who does not think that this decision and action by the Trustees is anything other than callous, unproductive and NOT in the interests of their patients.

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Marilyn Campbell

Whyke Lane