LETTER: Constructive relationship

Seven years ago I was surrounded by a crowd of angry people in Onitsha, Nigeria, while observing an election there.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 1:00 pm

They had been deprived of their votes when arrangements for a state election went wrong. They had put their trust in democracy and had been let down.

It was an anxious few minutes which brought home to me how a vote in a democracy is a basic human right, and the only legitimate way of changing things – and how much people value their vote when they find they can’t use it.

We take voting for granted here. Perhaps too much for granted. It is too easy to use your vote without really thinking, or not use it at all. From my perspective, one of the most important issues to think about is whether the Brexit steamroller will crush the life out of the relationship between the UK and Europe. I believe that it’s vital that we retain close links with Europe – not least, to tackle the security threats highlighted so vividly and brutally in Manchester last week.

We each have just the one vote. Most majorities in Sussex are narrow, so every vote will count, especially if used tactically.

I shall be using mine to support the candidate best placed to stand up in Parliament for a close, constructive relationship with our friends on the Continent. That is the best and perhaps the only way to safeguard both our security and our prosperity.

Richard Powell

St John Street,