LETTER: Emotive question turning resident against resident

The following letter has been sent to Eastbourne Borough Council following the poll in the Eastbourne Review:

1. The potential options for the council giving residents a choice of two should have been a clear yes /no choice to the sale of the downland working farms freeholds. Instead the LibDem council has turned this into a politically emotive question intent on turning resident against resident. Obviously the blame culture is still alive and well within our LibDem council which appears to shrug off its responsibilities for well thought out financial management.

2. The current issue of the Eastbourne Review is a party political publication on behalf of the LibDem council as it does not give a balanced view of the proposal of the sale of the downland working farms. It would have been useful to have had details of the concerns expressed by councillors not in agreement with the LibDem proposal set within the Review.

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3. The reference to a water management company taking over the management of the private water supply requires clarification as it is ambiguous. Another example of poor communication thus affecting our ability to properly weigh up the pros and cons of the proposal.

4. Despite the apparent reassurances given as to the protection of the downland working farms for the future we have no confidence that there is a sufficient guarantee to prevent development in the future, e.g. The Devonshire Estate has a poor track record of over-development in the town.

5. The council states that it will be retaining over 1,000 acres of open downland which it will continue to manage. However, the question is how long before this open downland is also viewed as a potential revenue raising asset? Look what has happened to the flood plain within the town.


Dacre Road