LETTER: Failed to spot their own error

Both our MP, Andrew Tyrie and the leader of the WSCC, Louise Goldsmith must make the strongest representatons to the Transport Secretary and if not, the Prime Minister over the possible loss of funding for a bypass improvement.

The fact that residents have not been able to agree on one of the HE schemes put forward is the fault of the Transport Department itself, for not spotting that HE had totally failed to understand the problem and its solution.

I spotted the errror on my first reading last year and since then I have been trying to get HE to understand their error and accept a scheme that will work.

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However, last week, I received a letter which indicated that they still thought that all their

schemes were not only

viable but that they would bring real benefits to the people of Chichester and that they were sticking to the original upgrade of four crossings.

Using correct current data and HE’s estimates, clearly none of the schemes are worth doing.

I did at the same time supply them with an update on a cheaper previous scheme which I had supplied to them, which gives a benefit of between 27 and 59 minutes based on my own timings and which simplifies three of the junctions proposed in Option 2, thus reducing their costs, and diverts the line of the A27 south eastwards to clear the Portfield roundabout (to eliminate any hold ups at this junction) and adds a small roundabout above the A27 east of the Portfield junction to connect the A27 to the Portfield roundabout.

Local traffic would be able to cross or join the bypass in the right hand direction via the roundabouts at Fishbourne, Bognor Road and Portfield junctions, which would be interconnected by a left hand lane in both directions.

Although this means some local traffic would have to travel a little further to reach an exit on the opposite side of the bypass, the extra time and fuel would be compensated for by less or no queuing to reach the current roundabouts – and far less pollution.

Both Andrew Tyrie and Louise Goldsmith have copies of this scheme.

K.W. Newby

Elm Park