LETTER: Gatekeeping?

'We don't do that sort of thing here'. This a response to a request to leave election information for residents in a block of retirement homes.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 1:30 pm

The warden was adamant that leaflets couldn’t be made available. T

hose of us, whatever the Party, know the difficulty of accessing blocks of flats, retirement, care and nursing homes. We accept that often we can only leave unaddressed leaflets in a public space for residents to pick up if they choose to.

However, what is extremely worrying is the instances where our senior citizens have choices made for them by wardens, managers or one resident who happens to answer the door!

Where people are wholly dependent on others for their care, the issue is more serious and indeed could compromise their human rights. We should ask how much support they get to make personal choices and exercise their right to vote. Across the country there are millions of voters living in ‘guarded’ accommodation. How many have access to all the information they need and more importantly, easy access to the ballot box?

Penny Lower

Labour Party Canvasser, Seaford