LETTER: More money for potholes

I would like to as West Sussex County Council why they are spending or wasting millions of pounds on cycle lanes from Flansham to Ferring that are going to be used by very few, when too cyclists the biggest danger to them is potholes .


The Daily Mail reported that some 32 deaths this year have been as result of potholes and a lot more injuries. Having spoken to cyclists, they seem not too keen to use cycle lanes that are separate to the road as these end up with all sorts of hazards in them due to them not being cleaned like roads are. It is bad enough for vehicles to end with damages through potholes but cyclists can be thrown off their bikes and that doesn’t bear thinking about.

I would have thought after the amount years that potholes have been increasing that the county council would have used their money and resources to keep on top of this problem.

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Mike Toney

Lloyd Goring close, Angmering

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