LETTER: Not enough car parking spaces

What have Eastbourne Liberal Democrat Councillors got against cars?

Plans to develop the old police station do not include parking spaces and I would like to know who found 150 spaces when a survey was taken in the ‘Little Chelsea’ area.

They must have gone at 3 o’clock in the morning! Recently plans were submitted for the ex church building in Blackwater Road. That had insufficient parking spaces – 13 for 35 flats. Between the developments there will 85 flats and 13 spaces and they are not a million miles from each other.

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Those who live anywhere near these developments know it is impossible to find a space now, produce what survey you may.

I trust the Lib Dem councillors do not own cars themselves, or do they say ‘do as I say not as I do?’

And who are they to assume that those going to live in the town centre do not aspire to cars. Regarding both developments, why do we keep having inflicted upon us, cheap inferior bedsits?

£44m is being spent on the Devonshire Park yet close by residents are being given houses with no separate kitchens.

Brian Jones

Wish Road.