LETTER: Pavements can be made level

The latest talking point seems to be about pavements, now that the bypass is taking a well earned rest, as has Brexit.

A pavement is defined in many ways. In this country it is usually a pedestrian walkway made up of smooth concrete slabs in standard sizes, or York stone type slabs of irregular shape and surface finish.

Recently there have been many reports of people tripping on these surfaces, and I am sorry to hear of some injuries being sustained.

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However, I am sure that every person who has walked the pavements anywhere in England has been a victim more than once in their life.

So, really, there is nothing new there!

Of course much depends on the skill of the pavers who lay these slabs, and they have more technical aids these days to help them achieve

the best.

By all accounts Chichester District Council is very aware of the problems with this type of pedestrian surface and has a system in place for regular inspection and maintenance.

If residents want a non-trip surface the only answer is a total concrete or asphalt fill. Take your pick.

Finally, if you fancy the ultimate experience of a perfect trip-free walk, try the the pavement surrounding Waterloo Square in Bognor, especially on the northern boundary along West Street. As level as a billiard table, so it can be achieved.