LETTER: Put an end to parking charges

At the Lewes District Council meeting last week I asked the Leader, Cllr Andy Smith, to back up his claims and that of his administration and abolish the ludicrous continuation of parking charges for Newhaven.

In previous years I have, on occasion, managed to get a concession for the festive season and this has been replaced over the past couple of years by the ‘gift’ of a few days that we can spread throughout the year, for special events. However, with stores continuing to struggle and parking bylaws continually flouted in the High Street, the time for abolition of the charges has surely come.

Peacehaven benefits from no charging at all and Seaford has at least some on-street provision. The loss to the council of paltry amounts allegedly raised from current charges would serve to show a commitment to the regeneration of the town and offer support to the retailers that continue to struggle.

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Whilst I understand plans are afoot to develop the area and improve the ability of authorities to enforce parking regulations and address the very real safety concerns for pedestrians, such solutions remain some way off. Until such time as the promised improvements are a reality, the removal of charges will encourage and support the town centre and improve safety for everyone that visits it.

I implore Cllr Smith and his team to look favourably on my request.

Cllr Steve Saunders

Newhaven Town and District Councillor (Valley Ward)