LETTER: Removal didn't solve problem

Some months ago, GTR removed from the front of Lewes Railway Station a bench which had been donated to mark the centenary of Rotary in Lewes.The reason given was that its presence led to anti-social behaviour.

This was one drunk, who spent most of the day stretched out on it. Railway staff and the British Transport Police seemed unable to anything about this man. Despite protests, the bench was removed.But, the cause of anti-social behaviour persists, he now lays on the pavement in front of the station – and still GTR do nothing.

So people, honest travellers, who used the bench to sit and wait for taxis or friends, are inconvenienced and the ant-social behaviour continues.And GTR, I understand, are complicit in the wish to close Lewes Station for Bonfire. It would be good to know, following the chaos of the new timetable introduction on 20 May, just what GTR are able to manage?

Graham Mayhew,

Independent Councillor, Lewes Town Council

Montacute Road, Lewes

Stephen Catlin,

Independent Councillor, Lewes