LETTER: Tennis anyone?

IT IS absolute madness to consider introducing new roads to an area of outstanding natural beauty, in the foothills of the South Downs and along the edge of a newly designated National Park without first considering improvements to existing infrastructure.

The impact of building new roads is immense and should be considered at all costs.

Why on earth are we considering laying more Tarmac when an existing road network exists that simply needs investment, tweaks and improvements?

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If previously proposed changes, alterations and upgrades had been made as proposed over the years then the situation we are faced with now would simply not exist.

Yes, I speak as a local resident but I endeavour to speak for the whole of Chichester by saying a northern express highway route for the A27 will not solve the local traffic and congestion issues for Chichester as a whole.

A northern express highway route with one junction on and off will only serve through traffic, currently purported to account for approximately 20 per cent of Chichester’s A27 volume.

A proposed northern route will not improve access from the south, access to Chichester centre or relieve congestion on existing bottlenecks.

Once a northern route has been established there will be the inevitable infill of housing thus altering Chichester’s look, feel and character and ironically increasing pressure on our facilities and local road network yet further, without providing a sustainable solution.

We must look at what already exists, make informed and proper decisions to serve Chichester now and into the future and be able to put this matter to rest once and for all instead of using the A27 baton like a ball in a tennis match – flinging the argument backwards and forwards but never actually putting the ball into play.

Claire Evison

West Broyle