LETTER: The very beauty will be eroded

Louise Goldsmith reveals a predictable enthusiasm for the Arundel bypass in your paper dated 17 May by saying '˜ I am delighted to see the option going through and now all efforts have to go into Chichester' adding '˜we are also encouraging people to come in and see this beautiful county '“ but if they are stuck for hours on the A27 they may not be so keen to accept our invitation.

So it is imperative that we get improvements’.

We live on different planets.

The very beauty Goldsmith loves will be further eroded by more concrete and tyres.

This is no ‘improvement’ and certainly no sustainable solution to ever more unhealthy traffic noise and pollution. Improved public transport should be ‘encouraged’ as the only viable healthy option.

Our beautiful county must be protected, not destroyed!

Peter Lansley, Cedar Drive, Chichester

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