LETTER: Valuable green space scheme

Apropos MP Stephen Lloyd's recent call for ideas on increasing Eastbourne's general continuance of improvement, here's something for consideration that doesn't involve much bricks and mortar or concrete.

Before builders’ developments finally prevent any ability to turn the town’s green area into a very useful recreational area, ensure that it is transformed into a large public parkland with pedestrian and cycle tracks (an old chestnut of mine from nearly half a century ago) devoid of motorised elements and their noxious fumes, and including more recreational use of the waterways.

In the past I have tried to get Eastbourne Borough Council to persuade developers to contribute to a fund for improvement of the grassland area and on the occasion of the latest Kings Drive development I was informed there would be some form of contribution.

That doesn’t appear to have happened.

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I also enjoyed a promise by the CEO of Sainsbury’s store at Hampden Park that an opening into the green land would be made if the parties concerned would come to some agreement on the development of the area.

No agreement was reached.

Due to the way the town’s roadways have developed over time there is no possibility of safe cycle routes being established in many areas and the only way to facilitate pleasant safe cycling, free from vehicular traffic, between Hampden Park and the town will be through parkland.

We have a valuable area waiting to be transformed for public healthy use yet for so long it has not been pursued.

Just imagine!

Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue