LETTER: Weary of politics

Ample evidence from the doorsteps that people are weary of politics and politicians '“ especially those who called a botched referendum and an unnecessary general election, neither of which they properly thought through.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:40 pm

But folk here are thinking more critically, seem better informed, savvier, clearer what real interests they should defend both for themselves as well as for the country. And less a prey to the more excitable daily papers and politicians’ empty slogans.

Talking to all sorts has been encouraging this time round, and one demand stands out. It’s an end to austerity, the poverty imposed on our public services on which we all depend – health, schools, social care, housing, transport, police, our defence forces, the whole range of our public administrations… There’s more realism now that proper resourcing has to be paid for, with questions asked when the funding isn’t clear.

People understand too that the harder the Brexit the more the economy will suffer – the evidence is already there and even the government has admitted as much. Less money coming in to a weakened economy drives us into further misery, making not more but fewer funds available for our crisis ridden public services.

From both sides of the political divide, surprisingly, there is now enormous support for an effective opposition to fight for the prosperity and contentment of the whole country, the fundamental long-term interests of all of us. Sound sense for Lewes, sound sense elsewhere. I think therefore I am, said the wise man – if you’re around for a day or two yet, still keep on thinking.

Michael Rider

North Chailey, Lewes