Letter: Weekly bin service in Horsham district is essential

This morning (November 13) I have contacted HDC to inform them of some fly tipping.
Fly-tipping concernsFly-tipping concerns
Fly-tipping concerns

With the introduction of fortnightly refuse collections to start in the New Year, I can only imagine that levels of fly tipping will increase.

The general problem of refuse collection is exacerbated by the closure of the Hop Oast Refuse and Recycling depot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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On a number of occasions, the queue of traffic waiting to dispose of their rubbish, has extended to the Worthing Road.

When will the councillors realise that despite my recycling bins being full on collection each fortnight, my general waste bin is full each week.

If the refuse and recycling depots are periodically closed, what will residents do with the rubbish that has built up over the two weeks?

I pay huge amounts of money in Council Tax. For that, I expect an essential service like refuse collection, to be properly administered and to operate on a weekly basis.

I do not expect my council tax to be spent on vanity projects like ‘A Year of Culture’.

Jon Moss

Smithbarn, Horsham