LETTER: What about the bus station?

A few observations regarding the proposed Southern Gateway:

1. What will happen to the existing bus station? As we know this facility has become more scruffy over the years and has now lost its waiting room and toilets. The County Town and tourist destination deserves better. With all the proposed investment for more cafes, restaurants, shops etc surely substantial funds should be allocated to attract people to the city by public transport?

2. There seems little point in increasing motorised traffic to this southern hub until two major issues are fundamentally dealt with; namely the already congested A27 bypass and the two railway crossings. Unless this is factored into the overall scheme, the current difficulties will only become worse.

3. I hope that the Southern Gateway does not end up looking like the Eastern Gateway, which is a basically a trading estate and an embarrassment to the city.

John Procter

Broyle Road, Chichester

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