LETTER: What Britain do you want?

This election is about the kind of Britain you want.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 1:00 pm

Do you want to see the savings you have made over your lifetime arbitrarily being taken from your family, depending on whether you die quickly from a heart attack (the family inherits your savings) or slowly from dementia (the Government takes most of your savings instead)? What kind of Government would do that? A Conservative one.

One Conservative supporter (letters, May 26) says, wrongly, that the Lib Dems oppose the will of the people on Brexit. But read what they actually say – the truth is just the opposite; Lib Dems want the people to have the final say when it is clear what the terms of Brexit actually are. That’s what democracy is, surely? People actually having the final say on vital issues, when we can see what the effects are? I don’t think the Conservatives trust the people to make the decision. I want a democratic Britain, not a centralised one.

Do you want an underfunded Health Service linked to an inadequate care system for those in desperate need?

Do you want schools to be so underfunded that head teachers are deciding which teachers to sack, and which courses to chop? Do you want a Government hell-bent on ignoring 50 years of science on climate change, which is already affecting the UK? Do you want your MP to be someone who walks out on a Parliamentary Select Committee because she couldn’t win an argument, and who didn’t face the electors after the hustings at Lewes, but was whisked away? If you do, then vote for Ms Caulfield! Otherwise, vote tactically for Kelly-Marie Blundell.

Ps, My advice if you elect a Conservative Government is: unless you are rich, then for goodness sake don’t get ill or grow old.

Dr Peter Gardiner