LETTER: Who supporting who on options?

In view of one of the Observer's news items on the A27 options, it was recently reported that one councillor has had benefits from Goodwood Estate Company etc. I wonder how many more have?

If the next meeting at which the A27 options are discussed among Chichester district councillors, will they once again not have to declare their interests? As per public meeting held in September this year?

Is this democratic and open? Once again will the spokesperson for Chichester District Council allow councillors not to declare their interests or gifts on the day of voting to the public relating to this subject? Or will the meeting be held in private?

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I believe that members of the public should be aware of interests of members and benefits in kind because this could affect their voting. The question is are they voting as a councillor personally. Or are they voting as their constituents wish?

Ie, if a councillor lives in the Manhood Peninsula I think it is fair to say that most residents would want a Northern Option to be considered among the total options. It would be good if the Observer was able to publish a list of councillors, the area they represent, where they live personally, and how they voted. Could be interesting.

JM Clarke

Selsey Road, Chichester