A27 saga could cost our MPS their seats

OUR MPs, from Shoreham in the east to Chichester in the west, should be ashamed of themselves.

The government’s plan to improve roads across the nation, announced in the autumn statement late last month, doesn’t include any action to pierce the boil that is the A27 and its hideous congestion.

The traffic jams this generates every day blight the lives of local people, not to mention the poor souls who have to drive their trucks and vans through this third world area, and the would-be tourists who, if they are smart enough, make sure they never come near us to spend their money.

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Every day, citizens from Shoreham to Chichester are tormented by the snarl ups. And yet the government listed various needed projects across the nation which will benefit from the spending of our tax money.

I’ve just taken a look at the Treasury’s documents on their plans and, guess what, no mention anywhere of the A27. You would think that our local MPs would consult together about this outrageous blight on our local area and kick up a stink but, judging from the complete lack of action, they don’t give a monkeys about this enduring problem.

Before your readers say, that, hold on, there’s no money, so we can’t do anything, I would point out that the government’s latest plans are based on a small amount of tax payers money, which would be supplemented by investment from the private sector.

And, before others say it doesn’t matter because the price of liberation from this traffic torture is violation of our wonderful Downs, I would say that isn’t necessary if we invest in tunnels and bridges.

We could build roads over the local railway lines in towns, and alongside them in the country side to keep this to a minimum.

Why are our local MPs happy to see our hard earned tax money diverted to other areas of the country, without fighting for our fair share?

Could I ask your newspaper to hold them vigorously to account on this issue.

They might realise that they must address this, or face defeat at the next election.

Neil Winton

Steep Lane