A27 will struggle to cope with IKEA and airport plans

So now we know. I thought things could not get worse but it looks as though they will.

Not only is the A27 going to have to struggle to cope with the traffic generated by the proposed IKEA store, and its associated 600 homes, it now seems that the situation will be even graver than people like myself fear.

According to a recent article in the Herald there are also plans on the table to build 25,000 square metres of distribution warehouses and industrial buildings at Shoreham Airport, with the traffic moving to and from them using exactly the same new A27 junction as IKEA and the new houses.

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What sort of world are these people living in?

Residents protesting at Withy Layby at the A27 against plans for an IKEA at New Monks Farm. Pic Steve Robards SR1813278 SUS-180513-154346001

I bet you that it is nowhere near Lancing, and that none of them ever have to use the A27 on a daily basis to either get to work or to shop.

It looks to me as though now is the time for the relevant authorities to start working up plans for an IKEA bypass road because otherwise everything between Worthing and Shoreham will simply grind to a halt for most of the day.

Demolishing Lancing College, tunnelling under Cissbury Ring, ploughing through Arundel Park and finishing up on the A3(M) north of Portsmouth should see a job well done.

Eric Waters, Ingleside Crescent, Lancing


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