Austerity has indeed come to Eastbourne

From: O Butcher Glenleigh Park Road, Bexhill
homeless man rough sleeper gv

Shutterstock PPP-180903-110706001homeless man rough sleeper gv

Shutterstock PPP-180903-110706001
homeless man rough sleeper gv Shutterstock PPP-180903-110706001

As a infrequent frequenter of Eastbourne, I feel somewhat obliged to pass comment upon my recent visit to the town.

Having grown up in St Leonard’s and currently residing in the fine city of Bexhill, I have visited Eastbourne on numerous occasions (indeed the Grand Hotel is one of my favourite places in the world – and more people should go in case we lose it!).

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However, for the first time, upon my visit on Thursday night I was struck by the number of homeless people in Eastbourne, sitting on the street asking for change (politely).

I passed four on my way to meet a friend in a ten minute walk, all of them a considerable distance from the town centre.

I also noted the number of businesses open (hairdressers and the like) later in the evening – gone 8pm. Now, many will not make the connection, indeed the fine conservative councillor I meet in the pub (who generously bought me a pint) put it down to Eastbourne being ‘trendy’.

I however might suppose that the effects of austerity has indeed come to (even dare I say it) the fine city of Eastbourne upon sea.

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